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What’s P for?

Do you really need P?

They say you shouldn’t use P… FUCK’EM OFF!!

Does P exist? If so, why isn’t it there?

P seems to be, even pretends to but it’s NOT.

Any P looks anxiously for another P, like a fix.

Whoever you are P, whenever you are not,

I won’t be waiting for you.

No doubt I is better off.

P, you poor dear, are a volatile FAKE!

Don’t want ya, don’t need ya,

Get out of my way

I is better off, I SAID!

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expresionismus2_s1THIS IS A PIECE OF JUNK!!

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As I walk down the street, keys in my hand, firmly grasped, I try not to think. Pump up the volume a bit, planning my holidays in Cambodia. This morning the air has an unusual hue; smells just like genocide. Keep going down for a while:

“Need a handful of nails

And a tangle of neurons

I guess

Don’t wanna see

What’s before me”

Never underestimate the power of change. I ain’t precisely continous, so to speak; intermittent should say. Is there any evolution despite the fact that everything is determined from the very beginning? It might not though.

Got over my illness, no nails, no hammer, yet with that idea tucked in my big head. I’ll carry it out, that’s for sure, just gotta find a black canvas, crimson oil and a pair of shoe laces. I’ll put everything together, cast a spell on you, fresh, recently created unreality and then, no sooner, we’ll see.

Light a cigar, rings of smoke up through the trees, two sips from the nebulous tea, stirred with no hazy spoon. There it goes, wobbly acrobat, the clumsiest of them all.


Black canvas lies half naked on the floor. The head of a nail shows up ashamed. Like collagen fibers under tension, my face contorted with pain, not able to stand such exhibition of beauty. I spinned around again and again, staring at the boiling red.

First time I saw those bubbles, they seemed to condense an endemic disease. Although motionless, surreptitiously I notice a subtle drift in the wrong direction. The brush escaped from my control.


“Society is a hole

it makes me lie to my friends

it’s running down my street

with white powers sneakers

the beautiful beat of black feat”

“when the phone rang, 3 in the morn, dead middle of night

there was nuthin on the line

i set back the silent receiver / tiny flames lit in my head

hey did any of you freaks here ever remember lenny?

i can’t remember his last name

he’s turned to dust now, one of the chosen few

left out in the rain, out of town again

left out in the rain, ocean bound i guess”


The only way he knew at the time was to be destroyed. Fragments claimed their own entities. When set together they repulsed each other, as if they were magnets in a bad position. Present cultures living on contradiction, fueling anger, supplying themselves with irrational no-logic, shape a fragmented puzzle-like world.

Fortunately utopian considerations about art were gone….. long ago.

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nothing binds us


even denial equals one

up the peaks

don’t you dare

to squeeze

my acid oozing

KEEP my distance

about a ligth year

destroyed in a minute

volatilized within a second

su sdnib gnihton


lained neve

eno slauqe

skaep eht pu

erad uoy t’nod

ezeeuqe ot

ym gnizoo

ecnatsid ym peek

raey thgil a tuoba

etunim a ni deyortsed

dnoces a nihtiw dezilitalov

1415926 5358979 3238462
6433832 7950288 4197169
751 0582097
4944592 3078164
0628620 8998628 0348253 4211706
7093844 609
8223172 5359408 1284811

4102701 9385211
0555964 4622948
9549303 8196442
8810975 6659334


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n-cube variation one

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Like two baboons staring at each other, indifferently.

So many concepts, vanishing. Dog-day-sunrise, they just dunno.

what comes next? hardly had they been set up for comprehension when they sublimated.
anguish yelling coming off spiders to prevent you from digging into the core.

Silicon! Silicon!

About to reach the melting point the CPU cooler fails, a yellow bile explosion then.
It seems somehow everything was unaimed, a real non-target…

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What if…

hold the line

Mondrian no forma parte de ningún samizdat

973 calling beep beep Σ

it’s so quite  I can hear that the refrigerator is on… by the way verkerhrsverbindungen sont petites

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